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Looking for a City, Land of Our Dreams

Friday January 27, 2017

Scripture teaches that our wildest imaginations can't compare to what's waiting for us.

Handling Grief on Valentine’s Day

Friday January 27, 2017

You carry your loved one's heart with you wherever you go, within your own heart. Celebrate that love, for it was truly better to have had their loving presence for a short while than to have never had it at all.

A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day

Friday January 27, 2017

Valentine's Day is often overlooked as a difficult holiday to get through after the loss of a spouse or significant other. For a new widow or widower, the day that seems reserved for couples-only can be especially hard. While it's true that you won't celebrate the same way you always have, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romantic love, and it doesn't have to be a holiday exclusively for couples. It provides an opportunity to express love and appreciation to those around you.

Voices Choir CD Now Available

Wednesday January 11, 2017

The Mountain Valley Voices choir is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the release of its first-ever CD, Sounds of Home.

Looking for a City, Longing for Home

Monday January 2, 2017

The sun splashed an abstract portrait of orange and purple onto the skyline as night prepared to close the curtain on another day. My long-awaited vacation had arrived, yet a faint voice still whispered I had not.My heart knew what my mind refused to concede. Paradise was at my fingertips but home was still out of reach.

How to Know When a Child Is Grieving

Monday January 2, 2017

Quite often, adults are afraid to discuss death and dying with children due to fear that it will make them sad or upset. I have found that sharing information with a soft language and at a level that children can understand actually alleviates their fears and enables them to adapt to the situation more readily.