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Consider an End-of-Year Donation

Thursday December 29, 2016

Before welcoming the New Year, you have one more chance to make an impact in 2016.

Welcome Home

Tuesday December 13, 2016

True to my story of arriving home safely from the dark night of travel in the main streets of my Florida hometown, we are also promised to arrive safely on the other side of our dark night of the soul.

The Empty Chair

Tuesday December 13, 2016

It's Christmas Day and there’s an empty chair at the table.


Tuesday December 13, 2016

At Christmas time, especially, I think it is challenging to rejoice when we are experiencing the heaviness of grief. 

When Grief Hits the Holidays

Tuesday December 13, 2016

Ah, the holidays. When someone mentions "the holidays," I bet your mind immediately goes to the time between November and January. For most people, this is a period of time devoted to family, people we love, and celebrations. What if this upcoming holiday season won't bring those things? What if this upcoming holiday season means a series of firsts without your wife, son, sister, or any other person whom you loved deeply?